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We bring your digital dreams to life!

Who are we?  We’re a team of digital gurus who kick ass in building websites that support your business and grow your customer base. We deliver exciting and engaging websites designed to help you crush your business goals and get ahead of your competitors.

Founded in 2010, our agency located in Littleton is home to a small but super talented team of digital experts. We love what we do! We craft engaging websites that elevate your brand and help you achieve your business goals. We strive to become experts in your business in order to custom design and develop websites that really highlight how stellar you are and make you stand out against your competition.  We eat, sleep, and breathe WordPress websites, but we also specialize in branding, content marketing, and all of those shiny things that make you look good like SEO and UX design.

Our clients span all industries from hospitality, to finance, to online boutiques. We have recently worked with some big name brands such as Lavazza and Advantage Car Rental, and the entire AppleJack Hospitality family of establishments. If you’re ready to find out why we’re so awesome and bring your digital dream to life – let’s chat!


Our Clients

We might be biased, but we think our calibre of clients says a lot about the quality of work we do here. We work with startups and major brands alike, showcasing our flexibility and desire to crush every challenge that comes our way. Each innovative project comes with a unique set of challenges that allows us to grow our skills and push the boundaries in web development.

How we work

We believe in open and honest communication and think that transparency is key to any successful business. We prefer to over-communicate and will work hand in hand with you to create a sustainable and engaging brand strategy. And once you’re website launches we won’t just leave you hanging – we’re in this for the long haul!

The dream team

We’re a small creative family of designers, developers and marketers whose number one priority is to help your brand thrive in the digital space. We won’t let up until your business goals are achieved (and you earn that promotion)!


Product Manager

Based in Littleton, Colorado, Milinda is a Product Manager with a passion for helping our clients realize and surpass their business goals. By becoming an expert in your business, she will help craft solutions that engage customers and generate leads. From creative discovery to post-launch management, she will be with you every step of the way to help define and shape your digital roadmap.



A design and multimedia professional with an indifferent passion for everything related to the web. James loves web design, sees him expand his creative imagination to eternal limits, and always sees him thinking outside the box, even if it’s not work related. James’s ideas are original and innovative, and what he does best is implement them in the web world to create aesthetically pleasing websites, just like we do at SRSLY.


Front End Developer

Alex is a front-end developer with a wonderful knack of creating visually stunning layouts and clean html. Alex brings digital experience from around the world after working with clients in the US, Europe and Australia. He greatly appreciates quality web design, mobile design, and modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. It is these, along with his love for the digital design industry, that help him produce quickly and interactively and seriously awesome websites.


Ismay is the queen of writing content here at SRSLY. With over a decade of magazine writing experience and digital marketing agencies, Ismay is a highly experienced and passionate copywriter with a natural ability for the English language. Ismay’s strengths lie in creating engaging and emotional results-focused content for SRSLY and our clients.


Client Onboarding

With finely tuned content migration skills, Marija has an eye for detail and an appreciation for processes and order. Marija helps us transfer content over to our new websites with accuracy and efficiency. She is also a whizz at adding new content, updating collateral including business directories, and editing WordPress templates and custom designed websites. Marija also dabbles in design assisting our Design Team with visual updates and imagery search when the time calls for it.



Seb recently graduated from RMIT’s Bachelor of Communication Design course. His undoubted interest and love of art and design was born while growing up in Ireland, Switzerland and Australia. His mother being an artist and father a singer and songwriter helped him develop his best artistic eye and a precision of detail, concepts and creativity. Seb has worked on many facets of design, including branding, publishing, packaging, and web design. He is one of the most creative people on our team. As a fun fact, away from his desk, he also loves to sit behind his drum kit, walk his dog, draw, read and collect inspiration.


Marketing and Content

Olivera is our content entry and marketing specialist and she is the best. When it comes to shaping your content, she’s the one in charge. Olivera brings her vast marketing experience and knowledge to each project and one of her favorite processes is a creative brainstorming session in order to provide clients with the most effective strategies. With a passion for strategic content and data planning, Olivera plays an integral role at SRSLY, supporting our designers and developers in all phases of web development.



Gina, on our SRSLY team, is behind the scenes, working effectively on our finances. Without a doubt, it is one of the key points of the SRSLY family and we could not do it without her.