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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency based in Littleton

Once your website development work is done, it’s an excellent strategy to make sure it’s seen by the right people. It is for this reason that we believe a successful website supports strategies like PPC Advertising and SEO.

PPC: What PPC stands for is “pay per click” advertising. Google AdWords is an advertising platform designed to position your ads on Google search results pages, Google products and on thousands of other websites that participate in the AdWords program. This platform is the most popular PPC advertising tool and is therefore favored by SEO strategists.

SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its main objective is to help rank your site on the search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing. To achieve this, you must ensure that your website is compatible with search engines.

Performing SEO is a fundamental point so that your website is in the highest rankings. Our improved SEO services include: SEO optimization on site launch, keyword research, on-page SEO website development, Google page speed test, performance optimization, off-site link building , integration of social networks and implementation of Google Business. These are all elements that make up our SEO strategy. Read more about our SEO services here.

But there is an entire marketing strategy behind this that feeds into and includes the following items:

The Key Services that SRSLY can implement to boost your strategy include:

SEO strategies

When it comes to your content pages, blogs, and email newsletters, we make sure all SEO elements are active. We apply meta descriptions, alternative tags, and SEO titles to your published content, which will have a major impact on Google’s visibility and ranking.

To ensure that people looking for products and services related to your brand find their content. We will make sure that relevant keywords are used to achieve this and we also include relevant inbound and outbound links to further increase your visibility.

PPC (pay per click advertising)

When you think about launching a successful PPC campaign you might suppose that it is an overwhelming task. And sometimes it’s true, but that’s why we provide this as an SEO service. Known as “pay per click advertising,” PPC focuses on targeted advertising where you will be charged a fee each time a customer comes to your page through your ad. Advertising on search engines, for example, advertising your page through Google, is the most popular form of PPC. Once your PPC campaign has been set up, we focus on writing a better ad copy for your campaigns, as well as creating a powerful call to action for your customers within your marketing content.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful SEO tool. Setting up the appropriate social media platforms and linking them to your site is vital for optimum SEO. The more clicks your site receives, the more trusted the content is perceived by Google, therefore being pushed higher by the Google algorithm. Social media linking within your site is also highly beneficial as the inbound and outbound linking complement each other in terms of SEO.

Email Marketing / e-newsletters

E-commerce is an important pillar for your digital marketing strategy, as it allows you to build a solid database, promote sales and, therefore, increase traffic to your website. This is where your SEO ranking impacts. By encouraging engagement, site visits, and link building within your site, your SEO is affected. It is not necessarily a direct link, however there is evidence that linking back to your site and blog from your email newsletter will continue to support your SEO strategy. We offer full circle e-commerce solutions that include the use of an easily implemented e-newsletter system which will allow you to edit a custom template to publish your own e-newsletters. The platform is easy to use and highly effective as part of your digital marketing strategy and can be linked with automation and email funnels.

Blogging (Copywriting)

Implementing a blog on your website will increase SEO ranking, as creating more content on your blog increases the chances that Google will index it, i.e. the Google algorithm will select more published content, more words and titles wish. We love the option of adding plugins to help with SEO, readability and all those other things that could help you penetrate your market and rank well on Google.

PPC Advertising and SEO strategies are the most powerful tools in terms of driving website traffic and search engine marketing. We should not think that they are the same, since they work in very different ways, that is why we strongly support the idea, that together they create a better result

As yours dedicated creative team, we will work with you throughout the duration of the project and beyond. We will provide you with a website that is friendly to search engines and leave you with the tools to maintain it as you continue to publish content on your site. If you need more help with traffic and search engine rankings, we can provide the services you need.

Our in-house SEO expert will provide you with the following:

  • Content assessment
  • Key word utilization
  • Image optimisation
  • As well as all testing phases.

Our goal will be to increase your search ranking and thus create the opportunity to outperform your competitors. Also, keep in mind that a professional AdWords strategy will enhance these efforts.

SRSLY focuses on developing fully customizable websites which are operated by highly customizable, and top performing, WordPress Content Management Systems. This allows us to achieve outstanding websites and e-commerce goals for our clients.

Why Digital Marketing?

Did you know Digital Marketing is the fastest way to gain brand recognition with a direct link to online sales? A strong Digital Marketing Strategy can elevate your business in the way of content creation and distribution, SEO exercises, social media support and more. The key is in the strategy execution.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

Help you set-up a sophisticated digital marketing strategy which focuses on core content distributed by your business.

Ensure that all SEO elements are active when it comes to your content pages, blogs, and e-newsletters.

Provide full circle ecommerce solutions which include the use of an easily implemented e-newsletter system.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Pay Per Click Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Email Funnels
Digital Marketing Hawthorn
Digital Marketing Hawthorn

See some of our recent campaigns:

Located in Littleton, we have the professional skills to cover your businesses digital needs from design to development now and into the future.

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Brand Design

We’ll transform your creative brief into a compelling story that connects with and inspires your audience, building meaningful customer relationships centered around experience and engagement.
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Website Design

Using effective designs that connect people with your brand, we’ll keep your audience coming back for more with an interface that engages and delights your customers.
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Digital Marketing

Sit back and watch your site traffic spike as we engage your audience through social media, SEO, eNewsletters, and other attention-grabbing strategies.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Our data-driven SEO strategies will help your site rank higher in organic searches, which will save you marketing dollars in the long run and impress your boss.
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Website Hosting

Our premium cloud-based hosting services provide the fastest and most reliable solutions securely to our clients with off-site daily back-ups and more.
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Website Support

We won’t ditch you like your highschool girlfriend once your site has launched - we’ll stick around to handle updates and fix issues so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.
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