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About the Client

The unique compound owned, developed and patented by Scyco is the result of many years of collaboration with some of the world’s leading natural product research teams. In the past 10 years, Scyco has developed a highly effective skincare formulation for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. Further research is underway to unlock other properties of its patented compound.

Scyco Logo Design

About the project

Scyco’s digital goal was to build a website that portrayed their brand effectively and concisely. We developed a website that clearly communicates the Scyco message and establishes them as a leader in the nutraceuticals arena.

The first step for SGD and Scyco was to build a brand persona. We did this in the way of branding and logo design. We offer logo design alongside our web design packages which allows us to take the client from concept to complete brand and digital design delivery. The SGD logo design packages include the delivery of three logos that the client can select from and edit to suit. The logo provided us with the core characteristics of the Scyco brand. Once the logo was decided on we pushed forward with a designated colour scheme, cohesive font guide and overall theme for the website.

By working closely with the Scyco team we enabled them to add their own content over time, to ensure the core messaging was precise and accurate prior to launching. The Scyco team now have a great understanding of the website’s CMS to ensure they can continue to update their information as they please.

The Scyco website is a long scrolling site which provides snapshots of information to illustrate their business and set it apart from their mother company, MacLabs. The Scyco website is set up to encourage enquiries and bulid a database to further support their ecommerce goals.

Scyco Logo Design

What We Did

Graphic design
Scrolling Site
Website Design


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